New Dogfish Head Distilling - Gin & Vodka



ANALOG VODKA - The vodka space is so much like beer in the mid-‘90s, when Dogfish Head got its start, dominated by a few conglomerates, liquid void of character and authenticity. We set out to make a vodka that captured the core of Dogfish Head, so it’s made with 100% brewer’s malt and our proprietary ‘Doggie’ yeast. Everything is scratch-made, like it used to be, as the name suggests, during a simpler time.”

COMPELLING GIN - ‘A medley of compelling ingredients’ - "Since the start, our off-centered ales have been inspired by what was found in the spice drawer or cooler of our brewpub’s kitchen. The recipe for Compelling Gin came together the same way, by pulling a medley of compelling ingredients and whatnot from our brewpub.”

WHOLELEAF GIN - Our Continually Hopped Gin. "Back in ’02, Dogfish Head was the first to distill hops in gin. Distilling with hops is tricky, because you are hyper-concentrating flavors, and it can be tough to single out the desirable notes. So we adopted the ‘continual hopping’ method used to make our signature lineup of IPAs to gradually dose in whole-leaf hops. The result is a gin bursting with hop goodness.” – Dogfish Head founder & president Sam Calagione