New Arrivals This Week

  • BAILEYS ALMANDE - Spring has officially sprung and the welcomed warmer weather has finally met its perfect match in new Baileys Almande Almondmilk Liqueur. This innovative, naturally light tasting spirit is a dairy-free, gluten-free and certified vegan liqueur that blends the luscious, nutty flavors of real almondmilk with delicious vanilla for an incredibly versatile treat. Join us in raising a glass to the first day of warmer weather, which means summer beach days are not too far away! Available in 750 ml.
  • CIROC SUMMER COLADA - is the new limited edition flavor announced by P.Diddy on behalf of the Ciroc brand and it's already getting a buzz on social media. The New CÎROC Summer Colada, is a fusion of fresh pineapple abound with a touch of coconut cream. Tropical collaboration that can’t be denied. Limited-time only — get it before it’s gone!
  • JOHNNIE WAKER - Blended Batch Triple Grain American Oak 10 Year Old (750ml). Aged 10 years in American oak casks resulting in a uniquely smooth, sweet scotch whisky with notes of fresh fruit and gentle , spicy smoke. Jim Beverldge has created a taste profile that is lighter and sweeter, resembling American Bourbon whiskies but has the smoothness of Johnnie Walker Scotch.

ARCTICBUZZ - Vodka Ice-Cream Desserts

COMING SOON .. This Week

Born in Baltimore, ArcticBuzz™ was created after years of trying to do something that sounds so simple: combining vodka with a frozen dairy dessert.

If you have ever put a bottle of vodka in the freezer, you know the vodka wins every time. After working with several different recipes and numerous tastings, ArcticBuzz™ has cracked the code and delivers home made, hand churned, smooth vodka frozen dairy dessert.

To take it a step further, ArcticBuzz™ works closely with a local distillery to create artisan flavors that are formulated solely for our product! We currently feature five flavors of our hand crafted vodka that provides outstanding taste for each and every palate. ArcticBuzz™ continues to be locally made with a “kick” from our freezer to yours. We hope you find ArcticBuzz™ to be the ultimate in taking ice cream up to a new degree.

Enjoy and Eat Responsibly!

New Dogfish Head Distilling - Gin & Vodka



ANALOG VODKA - The vodka space is so much like beer in the mid-‘90s, when Dogfish Head got its start, dominated by a few conglomerates, liquid void of character and authenticity. We set out to make a vodka that captured the core of Dogfish Head, so it’s made with 100% brewer’s malt and our proprietary ‘Doggie’ yeast. Everything is scratch-made, like it used to be, as the name suggests, during a simpler time.”

COMPELLING GIN - ‘A medley of compelling ingredients’ - "Since the start, our off-centered ales have been inspired by what was found in the spice drawer or cooler of our brewpub’s kitchen. The recipe for Compelling Gin came together the same way, by pulling a medley of compelling ingredients and whatnot from our brewpub.”

WHOLELEAF GIN - Our Continually Hopped Gin. "Back in ’02, Dogfish Head was the first to distill hops in gin. Distilling with hops is tricky, because you are hyper-concentrating flavors, and it can be tough to single out the desirable notes. So we adopted the ‘continual hopping’ method used to make our signature lineup of IPAs to gradually dose in whole-leaf hops. The result is a gin bursting with hop goodness.” – Dogfish Head founder & president Sam Calagione

Sagamore Spirit Rye

Built in 1909, at Maryland’s Sagamore Farm – uniquely pure and naturally filtered spring water, fed from a limestone aquifer. The same water that fuels the champion thoroughbreds, also cuts the rich spice of our rye, creating a spirit as revolutionary as America’s risk-takers and history makers. Our story is one of passion, of old meeting new, and crafting a timeless American whiskey as pure as the Sagamore streams.

Tantalizing Aroma: Complex and captivating aromas of warm cinnamon, vanilla bean, honey, and nutmeg.
Rich Color: A fall bonfire glow-amber with gold undertones.
Refined Palate: Smooth mouth-feel, with caramel and molasses up front and peppery baking spices on the end.
Distinctive Finish: A refreshing and zesty rye spiciness.