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Marauda Rum Tasting - The Return of the Honest Rum

From the beginning, rum was about reinvention. Transforming a byproduct of sugar into a spirit that would move the world. For anyone willing to see it, rum was a symbol of what could be. But for years that symbol has been lost, buried, waiting to be discovered again.

Steelpan was inspired by the people of Trinidad, who turned discarded steel barrels into drums, creating music that is synonymous with the Caribbean today, just as their ancestors had turned a byproduct of the sugar industry into rum.

We begin in Trinidad, column still rum, aged 3 years. This is the base that allows the notes of the blend to form a melody. From there we go to Guyana to add a column still Demerara rum, aged 3 years, bringing a slightly heavier, distinctive body to the blend. And finally, to Jamaica, finishing Steelpan with a heavy, pot still rum, aged 3 years, that gives the blend its “funky” depth.

Each rum in Steelpan’s blend is distilled and aged according to tradition that bars the use of additives and colorings. All of our rums are aged in 55 gallon bourbon barrels, each made of American white oak and each used only once. We blend at cask strength and bottle at exactly 80 proof. Cheers !!

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