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Freixenet Bubbly Tasting


Freixenet Cava Tasting - 4:00 - 7:00 pm

CORDON NEGRO - This is the world’s favourite Spanish sparkling wine and is known for its beautiful and sexy black bottle. Its fresh, crisp and fruity aroma goes with just about everything and magically makes every moment just that bit more special. So how does Freixenet Cordon Negro taste? It’s a light, modern Cava with a very refreshing style and lots of bubbles that really last. When you taste it, you’ll pick up hints of citrus fruit and an aroma that reminds you of both apple and pear as well as peach, melon and pineapple.


This wonderful wine comes in three varieties – Brut, Dry and Medium Dry. Brut is a crisp, clean, very dry wine, containing almost no sugar. Dry, despite its name, is not as dry as Brut and has a hint of sweetness. And finally, Medium Dry is a fruity, sweeter wine. All of these taste great with most foods but try Brut with Asian cuisine and the sweeter versions with dessert.

Freixenet ICE ROSÉ - Do you believe in love at first blush? Freixenet ICE ROSÉ is bound to win your heart with its vibrant harmony of fruitiness and freshness. This is the exciting, new and stylish way to enjoy an extra refreshing glass of Rosé cava.

Freixenet Ice Rose.png

The fine, fruity character of Freixenet ICE ROSÉ flirts with the nose and palate, with the subtle aroma and flavor of raspberries and blueberries. The fresh and delicate balance between sweetness and acidity is even further enhanced when this smooth cuveé is poured on ice. Serve Freixenet ICE ROSÉ in a large glass with a few ice cubes, let the wine chill for a moment to allow the aromas to intensify, add a few fresh strawberries and blueberries… and forget about the blues! Your cheeks will blush with rosé delight.

Freixenet bubbly .. Deliciously refreshing !!