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Crafters Union - Wine in a Can Tasting


CRAFTERS UNION - Wine in a Can

Premium Wines

We love a great wine and we are passionate about how it’s crafted. We like to keep it interesting by bucking convention and doing things our way. Our wines bring together artistry and craftsmanship with everyday life. We like to find ways to hack everyday moments with a sense of imagination and a nod to the uncommon. We want to take our wine with us—wherever we go. It has to taste great, look beautiful and be as interesting and unique as we are. Our wines—each one a work of art unto itself—always bring great style along for the ride.

It takes a certain amount of vision and artisan ingenuity to choose the right grapes and transform them into a deliciously uncommon wine. To imagine a visual representation of what that wine is at its core.  Crafters Union is the culmination of grape growers, winemakers, designers, artists—true crafters—who put a bit of themselves into their art. We know we’re working in an unusual medium. That’s part of the fun. Cans are changing the way we experience wine. They’re pushing us outdoors to savor every refreshing sip under an open sky.

We’ll be pouring three varietals this evening - Pinot Grigio, Red Blend and Rose. Cheers !!

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